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Voltage Drop Calculator

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Voltage Drop Calculator

A voltage drop calculator helps you to estimate the amount of voltage lost in an electrical circuit due to the resistance of the wires. It's like a handy road map that tells you how much voltage will reach your destination (appliance) after taking a detour through the cables.

Voltage drop refers to the decrease in voltage that occurs as electric current flows through a conductor (such as a wire) in an electrical circuit. The conductor material's intrinsic resistance is the cause of this voltage drop. Voltage drop can be computed using the following formula, which is based on Ohm's Law (V = I * R), where V is voltage, I is current, and R is resistance.

Voltage Drop = Current × Resistance

In electrical circuits, maintaining a stable voltage is crucial for the proper functioning of connected devices. Excessive voltage drop can lead to reduced efficiency, overheating, and potential malfunctions in electrical equipment. Manual calculation of voltage drop involves determining the resistance of the conductor based on its material properties, length, and cross-sectional area. However, this process can be complex and time-consuming, especially in more extensive and more intricate electrical systems.

Components of Voltage Drop Calculator

Wire Material

The material of the conductor affects its electrical resistance. Common materials include copper and aluminum. The calculator needs to know the specific material of the wire being used.


The voltage is the potential difference across the circuit. It could be the voltage at the source or the voltage at the load. Voltage drop is more critical in low-voltage systems, such as those found in residential and commercial buildings.


The number of phases in the electrical system is crucial for accurate calculations. Typical systems include single-phase and three-phase.


The length of the wire or the total length of the circuit affects the resistance and, consequently, the voltage drop. Longer distances generally result in higher voltage drops.

Load Current

The current flowing through the circuit, also known as the load current, is a crucial factor. Higher currents lead to more significant voltage drops.

Manual - How to Use the Voltage Drop Calculator?

  • Wire Material

Select the type of wire. Make careful to provide the wire gauge or size since some calculators may let you choose that as well. You can select the wire material frm the given options - Copper, Aluminum, Silver, or Gold.

  • Voltage

Enter the voltage, which is 120 volts, as supplied.

  • Phase

Indicate the system's phase. For single-phase AC, since you mentioned "AC single phase", choose the suitable option.

  • Distance

Enter the required travel distance for the electricity. Remember to include if the distance is one-way or round trip.

  • Current Load

Give the load current. The particular program or device you're using will determine this value. Enter the amperes of the load current.

  • Calculate

After entering the values, click the "Calculate" button to get the result of calculations.

Benefits of Voltage Drop Calculator

Prevents Issues

By making sure that your gadgets are receiving enough electricity, a voltage drop calculator helps you avoid problems. Things may operate differently than intended if the electricity gradually wanes.

Saves Money

To determine the proper size for your cables, use a voltage drop calculator. You avoid wasting money on larger wires than necessary by using the appropriate size.

Maintains Safety

Voltages that are too low might cause electronics to overheat or malfunction. The calculator is helpful in maintaining a safe and efficient amount of electricity.

Assists in Planning

The calculator aids in the proper equipment and wire selection during the installation of electrical systems. It's similar to ensuring that there are enough roads to accommodate all the traffic.

Stops Lights From Flickering

Have you ever seen lights flicker? A voltage loss could be the cause of that. The calculator ensures a constant power supply, which helps to avoid this irritation.

Extended Device Life

When given the proper quantity of power, devices and appliances operate more efficiently and have a longer lifespan. The calculator assists in ensuring their well-being and happiness!

Energy Efficiency

You will only use energy if you use the appropriate wire size. It's similar to making sure the engine in your automobile isn't too big for you and conserving gasoline (in this case, electricity).

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