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Factor Calculator

Discover the power of our Factor Calculator! Quickly and accurately find the factors of any number with ease. Try our free online tool now to simplify your mathematical tasks!

Please provide an integer to calculate its factors and prime factors.

Factor Calculator:

A factor calculator is an application that helps you find the factors of a number. Factors are integers that can be combined through multiplication to yield the initial value. To illustrate, the factors of 20 encompass 1, 2, 4, 5, and 10, as they can be multiplied together to result in 20.

. When you use a factor calculator, you input a number, and it shows you all the numbers that can be divided evenly into that number without leaving a remainder. This can be helpful for various math and science problems, such as simplifying fractions, finding common denominators, or solving algebraic equations. It's a handy tool for understanding the basic building blocks of numbers and for solving various mathematical problems.


  • Enter the number whose factor you want to calculate
  • Click calculate button
  • On the online factor calculator, you will find all the factors of that number, including prime factor and pair factor.


  • Finding Factors: A factor calculator helps you figure out all the numbers that can be multiplied together to get a more significant number. 
  • Simplifying Fractions: If you have fractions, the factor calculator can help you simplify them. It finds the common factors in the numerator (top) and denominator (bottom). It cancels them out to make the fraction simpler. For example, it can turn 4/8 into 1/2.
  • Greatest Common Factor (GCF): It can find the biggest number that can be divided evenly into two or more numbers. This is useful for simplifying fractions and solving math problems. For instance, the GCF of 24 and 36 is 12.
  • Least Common Multiple (LCM): If you need to find the smallest number that is a multiple of two or more numbers, the factor calculator can do that. For example, the LCM of 3 and 9 is 9.
  • Prime Factorization: It can break down a number into its prime factors. Prime factors are the smallest prime numbers that, when multiplied together, give the original number. For example, the prime factors of 18 are 2 and 3.
  • Solving Equations: In algebra, you may need to factor equations to solve them. The factor calculator can help you do this by finding the factors of expressions.
  • Divisibility Testing: You can quickly check if a number is divisible by another number using a factor calculator. It tells you if one number can be evenly divided by another.
  • Understanding Patterns: Using a factor calculator can help you see patterns in numbers, which is helpful in various mathematical and scientific applications.

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