It is one of the classic expressions we hear: " What do we learn in mathematics will work in daily life?" When people are interpreting things and events, they are always acted upon by their maths when they renew their stances and thoughts about life. Many of us are concerned with mathematics, only limited to the lessons we have seen in our life. Since some of us are obliged, some of us may also like mathematics because we are interested or capable. But whether you believe or not thanks to math you can solve your daily problems and you can look at these problems from a different point of view. You can do daily calculators such as grade calculator, tip calculator,  Inch to CM calculator, GPA calculator, discount calculator and others… Daily calculators provide you fast and right solutions. You can use daily calculators on your routine life.

Mathematics first emerged with the development of agricultural cultures and animal husbandry. For this reason, it is mostly used in agriculture and animal husbandry. With the emergence of the need to measure time, mathematics has been reused. We use mathematics in calendar, clock adjustments. Thanks to that daily calculators math borned. All of them associate with daily life and daily calculators.  When shopping, we calculate the amount of money, we make architectural calculations while building our homes, businesses, we use numbers when determining our daily needs, we set the date and time and use the calendar and the clock etc… Math is everywhere also in our daily life.