BMI Calculator

BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator

BMI Calculator

Everybody has a weight that should be according to their size and body structure. Maybe you are obese or not. The way of learning this is the BMI calculator

What Is The BMI calculator ? 

BMI  is a parameter that indicates whether an adult person has normal height and weight according to the body. If you are staying below the range specified for this value, you should gain some weight for your health, if you stay on it it is advised to lose some weight. But there is something you should to be careful. Only 1 pound a week is the healthiest. If you do the exact opposite you may live health problems. 

The calculator of BMI is also important in terms of ensuring the awareness of the people at the same time. The means of BMI calculator, which are easily accessible via the Internet, also show whether or not they are a threat to their health. The intervals at which BMI calculator is evaluated lead to providing weight control to the persons. 

How To Calculate ?

BMI calculation is quite simple. First, the weight of the person in kilograms and the height in meters should be known. To calculate the BMI value after these two data are obtained, dividing the body height by the weight is sufficient to achieve the result.

0 - 18.4 : WEAK

It shows that you are not in proper weight according to your neck, you are weak. Weakness is a risk for some diseases and is undesirable. You need to be fed enough and balanced to get the right weight  and to develop your eating habits. 

18,5 - 24,9 : NORMAL

Indicates that you are in proper weight according to your height. Take care to preserve this weight by feeding adequately and balancedly and by doing regular physical activity. 

25.0 - 45.0 AND ABOVE : OBESITY 

According to your height, your body weight is too high, in other words, you are fat. Obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, etc. is a risk factor for chronic diseases. It is very important in terms of your health that you are attaining normal weight byweakening under the supervision of a physician / dietitian by applying to a health institution. Please contact your healthcare provider.

Apart from that, BMI calculator does not give any information about the fat ratio of the person.