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Average Calculator

It is the number obtained by setting the value of the elements in a number array. To explain in more detail;  the numbers on a data in the form x1, x2, x3, ..., xn. Literally, the number obtained by dividing the sum of two or more numbers by the number of the aggregated numbers. We explained theoretically but it it also important to  learn it practically. Avarage calculator is the most used central tendency measure in average statistical science.

The average symbol is x̄. In this case, the arithmetic average formula is ;

Average = sum of all data / number of data

With this formula you can calculate averages but there is easiest way : avarage calculator. Enter the datas and it will calculate !



Average Disadvantages

The average calculator is very popular but  has some important disadvantages.

1. It is a central position measure sensitive to extreme values (ie weak). If the average for the data row is only an extreme value, either too small or too large, then the average will show that overvalue approximation.

2.The average can not be used for numerical data of any measurement scale. The average for nominally scaled numeric data is meaningless. The use of arithmetic averaging for sequential scalar numerical data is open to major disputes.



History Of Average

Ancient people needed to use numbers and numbers. This period also knew how to save and store people's needs. They scratched the walls of the cave where they lived and made a notch on a tree branch to indicate the numbers of the hunted animals or sheep in the hill. For the first time, ancient people were writing numbers on the clay tablets for numbers, digging scratches, or starting to make notches in the cut tree. These signs used by ancient people are the first written expressions of numbers and numbers.


Besides these; primitive people used different voices and words to express numbers. Today there are standardized symbols and words that indicate numbers. Today; numbers, with symbols such as 1, 2, 3, ... and both; one, two, three, ... words are expressed.

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